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Two Styles, Three Sizes; Finger Tip Grip for ease of use in all weather; Recessed Screw Holes; Professional Grade Rubber; Maintains Shape guarenteed;

Made in the USA

Powerful clean design

Simple yet effective design. Your equipment will not get scratched or damaged because of the recessed screw holes. Two Styles, and Three Sizes. The two external recessed screw heads keeps ours secure in vertical, horizontal or overhead applications.

Professional Grade Rubber

With our patented formula our Rubber Rod Holders will maintain their size and shape and longevity for years to come in all weather conditions. We guarentee it!

Finger Tip Release

The Finger Tip Grip, Release, for ease of use in summer climates or where gloves are required in cold winters.

We provide the best

The Highlights

  • Professional Grade Rubber
  • Finger Tip Grip
  • Longevity and Maintains Shape
  • Recessed Screw Holes
  • Made in the USA
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