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The Rod Holder / Rod Clips that makes sense, is easy to use and will hold it's size and shape in all weather conditions.

We Designed our Rubber Rod Holders for our Custom Fishing Rod Racks, Now they have become a Utilitarian Quality Product with Hundreds of Uses. It took 4 years of thorough research and development, to compound a rubber that will hold its shape, remain pliable and withstand the harsh elements of the sea, the sun and the cold and Last for years to come, guarantee.

Our Rubber Rod Holders / Rod Clips have exceeded our own expectations. Using professional grade rubber, designed with the finger tip release, and two external recessed screw heads keeps ours secure in vertical, horizontal or overhead applications. Your equipment will never get scratched. The stainless steel screws are included.

Customer Reviews:

Corey: 6-10-20 5 out of 5 Stars; "Excellent quality as described. work perfectly.

Robert: 9-11-20 5 out of 5 Stars; "These rod holders are great? exactly what I have been looking for.

Todd: 10-3-21 5 out of 5 Stars; Mounting hardware included and great item! Thank-you

Roxy: 5-10-21 5 out of 5 Stars; Perfect for my pontoon flag poles and outdoor umbrella.

Dylan: 01-15-21 5 out of 5 Stars; Mounts perfectly. Very secure. I am using it to display my fishing rod when it's not in use, but I can tell that it would be great in a commercial or recreational boat.